Why PressedByAnnece Nails


  1. Healthwise, they're better for the health of your hands & health in general. -Press on Nails eliminates the health risk that are posed by some of the supplies & the equipment used. For those with the preference of gel nails, the UV radiation needed for your gel manicure can increase the risk of skin cancer & contribute to premature aging of the skin and hands. And the unknown of what you could potentially be breathing in or exposing yourself to due to the chemical solutions needed to execute some of the nail technique designs.  With PressdByAnnece, doing your nails from the comfort of your home is a much more safe and controlled environment. 
  2. Reusable and Sustainable. -PressdByAnnece ensures providing our customers the most bang for your buck. Our press on nails can be used multiple times. PressdByAnnece Nails are designed to be removed, stored and worn again at a later date instead of tossing them with their package after a few weeks of wears. Over time, not only will this save you money, it will save you so much time in the long run as well. 
  3. Sizing is inclusive for a perfect fit. -One of the biggest misconceptions when considering press on nails is that they are not able to properly fit all nail shapes. Our sizing and shaping kits proves that misconception wrong every time. Tip: You can also use the nail file to make any needed adjustments & customize your nails to your preferred shape & length. 
  4. Better for your real nails! - Nothing like the look of acrylic nails to give you the illusion of long,healthy nails but at what price? The unpopular opinion is that to ensure that your nails stays on, salons often use very aggressive filing that can potentially make damage during removal almost impossible. Not to mention the thinning of your enamel overtime that can potentially stunt your nail growth. Presson nails are a healthy alternative; using better adhesive formulas & can be removed without causing tearing, chipping or damage to the nail beds [ with the correct prep & application].
  5. Countless options for every day of the week. - If you're the type of person that loves variety and the ability to mix it up whenever you wish to.. PressdByAnnece Nails are for you ! PressdByAnnece provides you with custom presson nails tailored specifically to your nail beds. The benefit of our products being reusable gives you the option to mix and match your nail sets and build your collections with us. 
  6. Save your VALUABLE time !- No matter how much you love the look of salon nails ... the TIME, is what you can never get back. On average, a nail appointment can take anywhere from an hour to 4. Once you include the possible unforeseen lateness of your nail tech, polish changes, nail fills and maintenance will have you fixing a cot at your local nail salon. The convenience of PressdByAnnece gives you a minimum of 15 minute application with no needed drying time, leaving you with salon quality nails with half the hassle.