Frequently Asked Questions. 


  • How Do I Order ? 

  Once you have ordered your sizing kit, determined the sizes you need and the shape you would like, you are ready to place an order. Orders open every Monday at 10am EST on a first come, first served basis. There are only 30 design nail set spots available each week. You must first message me directly via instagram direct message or emaill me at pressdbyannece@gmail.com with your order requests. Your request must include your design request, nail shape, nail sizes & base color preference (please include any & all relevant photos and attachments, drawings for your order). Solid color sets & sizing kits are always available Monday-Friday in unlimited quantities unless stated otherwise during the week, orders will be closed until the following Monday. I do not take orders over the weekend, only sizing kits.


  • How Do I Know What Size I Need ? 

 Sizing Kits are required for all new customers !! Your sizing kit will include 1 nail in each size of the shape you requested. All shapes run on different sizing, however, one complimentary sizing kit comes with the purchase of any design nail set. Make sure you are sizing on your natural nails & doing each nail individually.


  • How Do I Remove My PressdByAnnece Nails? 

If using liquid glue, please remember that with proper application- they are meant to last at least 2 week. Do not try to remove glued on nails anytime before 10 days. If using temporary glue tabs, they are safely removed in a bit of warm water  & oil.


  • How long does it take for me to get my nails ? 

Processing time is always 3-5 business days & sometimes longer due to unforeseen circumstances. Standard shipping times from Baltimore City, MD is 3-5 business days on an average. All orders will receive a tracking number to track their shipment.


  • How do I apply my PressdByAnnece Nails? 

When applying PressdByAnnece Nails, you have two options: 

- Liquid Glue Application: Intended to last a minimum of 14 days. Full instructions listed on the back of each card you receive with your nail set. 

-Temporary Glue Adhesive Tabs: Meant to last a minimum of 3-4 days. Follow the same instructions and prep steps for the liquid glue, just make sure to use the correct sized glue tab for each nail instead when applying. 


  • Is glue included with my order ? 

YES ! Every order of PressdByAnnece includes a complimentary nail kit that offers liquid nail glue, sponge buffer, cuticle pusher, mini Emory board, alcohol pads & glue tabs. 


  •  What are the nails made of? 

Every set of PressdByAnnece is made from 100% soft gel materials. 


  • Do you ship internationally? 

PressdByAnnece currently ships to all 50 states, territories and military bases. 


How long does PressdByAnnece Nails last and are they reusable? 

 PressdByAnnece Nails are made with durability being the very first priority. With the proper preparation and application, they can last for 14+ days with liquid glue/ They are reusable with proper removal and care on an average of 5 times. 


  • What if the nails in my sizing kit doesn't fit? 

No worries ! Everyone's nails are uniquely different. My goal has always been to make your experience by PressdByAnnece Nails a fully tailored experience. There are plenty of ways we can customize your press ons to make them work better for you. However, if you have clubbed nailbeds or severely down-turned nails, press on nails may not be the best fit for you.. 


  • How do I track my order? 

You will receivea tracking link via email when your order ships out. If you have any questions regarding your tracking or shipment, please send to pressdbyannece@gmail.com 


  • I received wrong/damaged products. What should I do ? 

We are so sorry if your product arrived wrong or damaged. To help reach resolution quickly for you, please send an email to pressdbyannece@gmail.com within a week's time- including photos of the damaged product, your order number & any other details you may have about your order. 


  • What is your Return Policy? 

If you have any questions about returns, please send your message to pressdbyannece@gmail.com. 

  • Do you offer Refunds? 

Refunds are only offered to customers that receive the wrong items or damaged items. If any of these apply, please send us a message to pressedbyannece@gmail.com with photos of wrong or damaged items. 


  • Can I exchange an item for a different size or color? 

At this current time, we are not offering exchanges. If you're unsure which size would fit best, check out the sizing charts. Though rare, its possible that an item you ordered was mislabeled. If that's the case,please let me know at pressdbyannece@gmail.com within a week of ordering your item. Please include your order number and photos of the mislabeled item and we will send you a new one, or issue a refund.