About Us

  Hi Nail Besties, I'm Annece ! 

I started doing presson nails for myself. in 2022. I was a new mommy with mom guilt being a stay at home mom needing to still look "kept up". So I began making presson nails for myself, especially for last minute outings. Then I progressed into doing nails for my friends with busy schedules who thought that sitting in a salon chair was a little on the counterproductive side timewise. And now, PressdByAnnece is here. 

PressdByAnnece is established to provide salon quality, custom presson nails to the girls that really prefer not to sit in an actual salon. For the Nail Besties that are a little too busy. For the procrascinators and the impulsive ones who need a manicure in a pinch of time to go to that last minute date, dinner, party or show. For the girls that love variety. For the Nail Besties that like to stay ready so that you don't have to get ready. Build a collection and mix & match to provide yourself with even more customization of your nail design sets.

We are continuously working on our art craft to provide you with endless possibilities in nail design, in shapes & lengths so that no one is excluded from being able to remain a "kept", high-maintenance look and still remain in the leisure of your home, vacation, tour, hotel, wherever. Take your time back while keeping up with your appearances by Annece.