How I Make My Luxury Press-Ons Last 2 Weeks AND Why They Are NOT Staying On

How I Make My Luxury Press-Ons Last 2 Weeks AND Why They Are NOT Staying On

Short Almond Orioles Baseball Press-On Nails


The convenience of wearing press-on nails is that I can literally be late for an event and apply the fanciest, custom, salon- quality press-on nails in the parking lot and walk into the building with nails looking like I spent hours in a nail salon the nail design. When in actuality, I spent 7 minutes. Maybe 10 if I needed to do some cuticle care. Or maybe your man wants to surprise you with an engagement ring and your nails are simply trash. Run into that bathroom, dig in your purse and pull out your custom nails and application kit and get to work. Walked in the bathroom like a bum and walked out of the bathroom like a true baddie. 


Easy Way to Apply Your Luxury Press-On Nails: 

1. You gotta make sure that they fit! Wall to Wall nail bed coverage. Invest in that Sizing Kit Mamas. Make sure that your press-ons are not too big but not too small either. If the press-on nails sides are slightly oversized, you can definitely file them to fit. But if you happen to see your natural nail bed when pressing the fake nail against yours, they're too small for you sis... respectfully!

2. Make sure that you are rocking a nail length that matches your lifestyle. I mean, if they are applied correctly, they have the potential to endure almost anything but be realistic. Being delulu about your nail length lifestyle will make you regret your press-on nail experience. And why would you want that? PressdByAnnece offers lengths as short as an extra extra short square, short coffin, short almond and short round for the time being. 

4. DO NOT SKIP PREP! GIRL, prep your nails. Clean, push and cut your cuticles back. Remove all of the shine and oil/dirt from your nails with rubbing alcohol, buff your natural nail with a nail buffer. Cut your nails down to match the length of your chosen nail & shape. Whether its adhesion by nail glue or glue tabs-- you definitely need a dry, rough surface for the glue to bind the fake nail with your natural nails.

5. For Application with Nail Glue: make sure not to flood your cuticles with a lot of the liquid nail glue. But also make sure that the glue is spread evenly throughout the natural nail.  For Application with Glue Tabs: Make sure that the glue tabs match the size of your natural nail bed. Do not apply the nails so closely to the cuticle that the glue attaches to your skin- that will potentially lead to your nails popping off. 


3. Does not matter if it's with nail glue or glue tabs. ALWAYS apply the nails at the cuticle, not the middle of the nail. Then apply pressure honey.  

4. Avoid Water, Lotions, Oils for as long as possible. For at least 4-5 hours. ME personally, girl I put my nails on the right before I go to bed after I have already showered, washed dishes, etc. Thats my biggest secret. 

5. STOP USING YOUR NAILS AS TOOLS !! Cleaning the house ? Wear gloves ? Gardening ? Wear gloves. Wanna open a can of soda... you can-- but don't, ask someone else to do it. Make your partner feel needed. 


Reasons Why Your Luxury Press-On Nails Could Still Be Coming Off Prematurely: 

1. Nails are sized incorrectly 

2. Natural nails grows super quick

3. Improper application

4. too rough with your nails/ using your nails as tools.

5. Weak or damaged natural nails

6. you bite your nails and your nail beds are super small


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