Allow My Gratitude to Overflow

I love when I get nailfies from you all. I swear the nails look so much better on live models. Painting has always been an escape for me in life. Being a mom now for two beautiful children, I rarely find the escape. Until I wanted my nails done lol. I never imagined I could be able to paint sometimes anything I want or recreate your nail inspirations and actually have people wear it. Like people want to wear my art on their nails. The amount of love and honor it fills me up when I see my work on someone is nothing short of a blessing and just overall feeling of, I don't even know- I find it equivalent to what maybe J Cole or Rihanna feels when they hear their songs sung back to them. Forever grateful to be chosen by you and other clients and my future clients for your everyday wear, baby showers, engagements, weddings, anniversaries you name it. Thank you. 

So with that, I try to express my gratitude by providing you guys with ways to earn discounts and free nail sets. You get so much more bang for your buck by shopping with me for your nails being reusable and salon quality, why not make it even more worth it for you by throwing in a rewards program, spontaneous flash sales in my Instagram and Facebook stories and emails, seasonal drops and collections , I celebrate your birthday with you, you get money off for tagging me in your nailfies on social media and referring me to your friends & family, nail inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram



Sticky Note Reminders of Ways You Can Save, Earn and Receive Free Nail Sets and Discounts

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